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Mystery of the Egyptian Scroll book by Scott Peters
Mystery of the Egyptian Scroll

"keeps you hanging on to each and every page. It's definitely worth 5 stars." ~ Ann Marie

"I gave it five star rating because of it's great plot. You should really read this book." ~ sunni scrivener

"I love this book it is a very good book lots of action" ~ Michael

“Great book” 
I am 11 years old and I read this book, it was awesome I could not put this book down. ~ Upstate NY

“Fun kids mystery”  
I am an adult but I do enjoy reading decent kids' books. This was an interesting and fast paced mystery that I would recommend to kids I know. I think the Egyptian setting could draw some kids in to learning more about ancient Egypt. ~ Irene M. Klapoetke

“Very enjoyable book.” 
The book is very exciting and entertaining. There is lots of intrigue and believable action for the period. In all a very good read. ~ Ronnie R. Purcell

“Good easy read” 
Good easy read for a light change of pace. Enjoyed letting the world's cares drift away as I involved myself in this short mystery. ~ NORTH AUGUSTA

“An Amazing Story”
an amazing Book, filled with action, drama, and excitement! This book will take you back in time to ancient Egypt with all of its mysteries and people. This book is perfect for readers who want a good informational book while still being exciting. ~ Susan

“Egyptian mayhem!” 
A clean, well-researched adventure for middle graders. It is quite short which may add to the appeal to readers who struggle with longer books. ~ David

“very fast read” 
I really enjoyed it and it was a quick summer read. It is also very informative and I liked trying to solve the mystery. ~ Myles J. Moody

“GREAT BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
The book had a good storyline / plot. It was very well written. It makes you wonder/think. ~ owen warr

“Great Reading for Young Mystery Lovers”
This mystery was fast paced . . . It did a great job of showing the ancient Egyptian mindset and culture as it was imagined to be, and was very exciting to read. There are more books in the series, too. ~ Thora D Dorn

“Fun for kids” 
This book has been a fun addition to our learning about Ancient Egypt. An easy read similar to Magic Treehouse. ~ Happy Mom "Priscilla F"

“Lots of fun” 
The trouble that our hero finds himself in is an adventure you must read. ~ Marjorie Pearson

“An enjoyable read”
I actually rather enjoyed this book though I hadn't realized it is more likely aimed at the 11 - 12 yr old's. I imagine it may appeal more to boys but is an interesting insight into ancient Egypt for any young reader.
I'm sure you will enjoy it too. ~ Holly

“A great down time read” 
This book will keep you guessing until the very end. ~ Alyssa

“Great book!!!!!!!!” 
It is a great book to read if you like mystery, fiction, or robberies. If you like books that take place in real places but are not a real story then you should read this book ~ Ryan Clouse

“Excellent story”
I ordered this book for my great granddaughters in 4th and 6th grades. I intend to use it as a summer reading excursion for the three of us.
The story is excellent.  ~ E. I. HOOD

“Very good mystery for the whole family”
As a mature, 60+ reader I found this to be action packed and fun read. This can be read by children and yet will be entertaining for those of us who like a good story and don't have a problem with the kids being the heroes. Well done. ~ Judy D

“Bags of fun”  
I admit, I don't usually go a bundle on kids' books, but I loved this one, and read it all through in one go.
It's atmospheric, carries you along and perfectly captures the excitement/powerlessless of being ten years old... And the historical setting is absolutely spot on. I'll definitely read the others in the series. ~ D.Z.C.

“Packed with excitement” 
The author Scott Peters brings the Egyptian society to life from the point of view of two young children. The book was packed with excitement from the beginning to the end. It fit in perfectly with our homeschool study on Ancient Egyptians. I would highly recommend this book to other readers, but I did talk with my children. ~ Mom of 4

“Fun Way to Learn Ancient Egyptian Culture”
I read this book on my Kindle as I was looking for a quick, fun read. Although I'm well past my school years and this book is aimed at probably late elementary or middle school ages, I never felt like I was talked down to or that the book went far beyond the realm of the believable. It was a fun quick read--took me about 3 hours--a great way to spend a quiet rainy day when I didn't have any thing pressing or motivation to do a whole lot. I learned a lot about ancient Egyptian culture and religion, too. ~ Word Lover

“Egyptian historical fiction for grades 3-8” 
Homeschoolers, add this gem to your stack of Ancient Civ historical fiction. The characters are endearing and the plot keeps the reader engaged. Provides opportunity to discuss responsibility to both family and country while learning about the Egyptian city of Thebes.
Be aware that the story involves prayer to and the worship of Egyptian gods, including idols and temples. Another opportunity for discussion as long as the parent is prepared for it.
I read the Kindle version and was pleased to find it well edited and error free. ~ "Mrs Quiet"

“Take a trip back to Ancient Thebes and solve a mystery”  
The book was well written and deals with Egypt which is a hot topic these days . . . I believe students will bond with Zet and Kat against the world. Setting the book in Thebes and bringing in a touch of Egyptian mythology makes the story believable and yet unbelievable at the same time.
Several different lessons are taught in a fun manner. Taking care of one’s family is one theme that is worked throughout. Caring for others, honesty, and living up to your promises are just a few of the themes touched on.  ~ P. Blevins "Career Reader and teacher"

“Educational and fun!”
As an adult reader, I enjoyed this adventure story of a young boy and sister playing junior detective on the trail of a conspiracy that threatens an innocent man – and promises a handsome reward for the man (or boy) who delivers justice.
The prose is easy on the eye and like tales of a certain wizard, is sophisticated enough and characters well drawn to pull in all ages. The world of ancient Egypt is painted well and fans of Steven Saylor or PC Doherty ancient detective series will lap this one up.
Peter’s like the other writers mentioned quickly takes the reader into the ancient world, padding it with enough familiar character types to make one feel at ease in this alien world. Though Peter’s doesn’t shy away from referring to the Sun as a God as most Egyptians would have referred to it, we are immersed and so our suspension goes undisturbed.
The main character Zet is a likeable one, and one finds oneself rooting for him in this action packed yarn. Four stars for a book that appeals to both middle grade kids to adults. ~ Oolong "The Cat"

“Fun for those who like history - and those who don’t!”
The plot has enough hooks and turns to keep readers of all ages engaged.
I appreciate the author's inobtrusive but deft writing style, which has just the right amount of detail and explanation to keep young readers on track, without boring older readers. The plot has a good pace and the dialog is no small accomplishment - the characters speak with modern idioms but nonetheless feel like they belong in that ancient time.
I hope that later books in the series empower the younger sister (and girl readers) by giving her a more equal role in the sleuthing. I suspect that would enrich her character, and her relationship with her brother.
There are many interesting historical tidbits, even for those who never liked history (for example, me). In fact, I'm proof that you can care not a whit about ancient Egypt and yet enjoy this book. ~ SCP

“Fun Quick Read”
Needing something quick and fun, I decided to read this book to see if it was something I would want to recommend to my 10 and 12 year old grandchildren for a summer read. It kept my attention as an adult, so I'm sure they will enjoy it too! The only hesitation I have is that I wouldn't want them to think there is any gods, such as the sun god, since the Bible is very clear that there is only One True God. But this will give me an opportunity to discuss that with them as well. Thank you. ~ S Cicardo

“Easy read” 
Good book great for the upper elementary level, though as an adult I liked it as well. Its an easy read with a decent plot. As with most books aimed at the younger crowd whose main characters are children, they take on more responsibility than the typical child would.
This books is the first in a series, but unlike some other series there is no need to read the whole set (ie Harry Potter) ~ tapadoodle

"A Delightful, Fast Paced Mystery for a Younger Person"
In "The Mystery of the Egyptian Scroll," Scott Peters has provided the reader with a fast, paced mystery set in the times of ancient Thebes in Egypt. The book is probably written for the middle school to early high school reading levels. As a former teacher, I am always interested in books that may get children reading, and this is one!
Serving in the Pharaoh's army, father has gone to war to fight the Hyksos, and times are hard for the family left behind. Eleven-year-old Zet and his younger sister Kat are left with the responsibility of minding the shop, but each week the children's earnings dwindle until they fear they won't have enough to feed themselves, their baby brother and their mother. So when a thief bounds through the market place, Zet overhears a medjay (police officer) offer a reward for information. So he steps up to the medjay to offer to help catch the thief in exchange for the reward. Of course Kat, his younger sister, thinks he's crazy. Unfortunately, this foolhearty decision soon lands Zet and his sister in dangerous trouble, so deep their very lives and the lives of their family as well as others are in extreme danger.
The book is well written with strong description of the characters and the events. Peters depicts a realistic Egyptian setting for this historical novel. Without question, it is an action-packed mystery set in an ancient land with great attention to detail; the book will appeal to young and old readers alike. There are several simple themes running through the book; the most obvious are: Don't judge a book by its cover, and The importance of doing what is right - both for your family and your fellow man. Since things are not what they appear to be, to save their family, Zet and Kat together must learn about people: who to trust and who has evil motives.
If you are interested in a quick read for yourself or in introducing a delightful mystery for a younger person, I do recommend this historical novel, "The Mystery of the Egyptian Scroll" by Scott Peters, to all middle grade readers or adults who may enjoy a quick, historical mystery. ~ Carl E. Ahlm

“Good book” 
I bought this thinking it would be good for my granddaughters. Tonight, I decided to read it myself. It was a quick, enjoyable read. I found myself rooting for Zet and Kat. Hope there's more in this series, from the hint at the end, I suspect there will be. I was interested in reading more, so I bought another book by Scott Peters, Curse of the Cobra.
I recommend this book to everyone, even the young at heart. ~ Donna Smith Hart

“An action-packed mystery set in an ancient land” 
Eleven-year-old Zet and his younger sister Kat are left with the responsibility of minding the shop while their father is in a faraway land fighting for Egypt and their Pharaoh. But each week the children's earnings dwindle until they fear they won't have enough to feed themselves, their baby brother and their mother. So when a thief bounds through the market place, Zet steps up to the medjay, or police officer, to offer to help catch the thief in exchange for the reward. This brave, but foolish action soon lands Zet and his sister in trouble, so deep their very lives and the lives of their family are in peril.
As Zet and his sister wind their way through the streets of Thebes, the scents and sounds and activity of the thriving commercial city come alive. They meet many people in their quest from the man who grows papyrus to make into paper, to the blind lady on the side of the road, to the merchants in the market, to the high priest of the sacred Temple of Amenenopet. But they are not all as they seem. To save their family, Zet and Kat must learn who to trust, who has evil motives and what those evil motives are.
It is an action-packed mystery set in an ancient land with great attention to detail. I recommend this historical novel to all middle grade readers. ~ laurie cameron

“Great read” 
Love it! lots of action. lots of mystery. Lots of suspense. Hope she writes another one. Zet is totally cool. ~ Sharon Brown

“Great book”
I really liked this book. I’m 10 yrs old ~ Carolyn W

“Nice easy read”
A mystery story involving two young children. Set in ancient Egypt, the children stumble on a conspiracy against the Pharoah and decide to try and save him. The book I imagine is aimed at younger readers, and I didn't realize this until I started to read it, but I enjoyed it anyway.
It has likeable characters and a fast paced plot that younger readers will enjoy and ends with a link to the next story. ~ 'Mrs M'

“Great fun as a young person's introduction to New Kingdom Egypt” 
The Mystery of the Egyptian Scroll, by Scott Peters, is a children’s book set in New Kingdom Egypt, in and around the southern city of Luxor. The pharaoh of the time is deliberately unspecified.
The plot is lively and straightforward; two children who run a market stall selling pottery, witness a neighbour being accused of theft, and take it upon themselves to investigate. In the process they find out that the accusation is false, but that there is a much deeper and more sinister plot behind it. Basically, in adult terms, they have stumbled into the path of a political move aiming at a palace coup – a problem which did indeed face certain pharaohs of that time.
This is a children’s book, so the writing is simple and direct, the characters’ motives are plain and easy to grasp, and the children are supremely competent at solving the problem (albeit at considerable risk to themselves and their family).
But the book is also a fantastic introduction to Egypt for children. Places, people and customs are well explained and engaging, so the book is highly educative as well as fun. Problems are solved by thought, perseverance, the gathering of evidence, and negotiation with key people. There is no magic, and religion is dealt with as a normal part of everyday life. I would happily use this book as a way to bring something of the reality of ancient Egypt to life for a young audience.
I can easily see myself reading The Mystery of the Egyptian Scroll with young people wanting to learn about Egypt. ~ R. B. Abbott

"Well written with lots of atmosphere of ancient Egypt.The story itself is perhaps best read by younger people with an interest in ancient Egypt." ~ Ziphead

"I look forward to reading the other stories in this series" ~ John W. Cross Jr.

Mystery of the Egyptian Amulet book by Scott Peters
Zet and the Egyptian Amulet Mystery

I love this series of books! ~ Reagan McCort

My daughter loved it. We're doing a homeschool unit on ancient Egypt. She read all three in the series quickly and enjoyed them all. ~ Mary A. Coffin

“Loved it!!!” 
Great book! Can't wait to read the next books in the series! I love the Egyptian style mystery theme! 

“Great book” 
These books are quite entertaining. They are well thought out and researched. It is like going back in time. ~ Ronnie R. Purcell

“Kids in Ancient Egypt”
A great story for kids showing interest in ancient Egypt. ~ Patricia Gulley "weyrcottage"

“sixth grade”
I am reading this story to my sixth graders. They are quite pleased. They like the characters and it gives the study of the ancient world a bit of glamor and interest that it might otherwise not have. Of course the book is easy enough for them to read it to themselves but this book has created interest in historical fiction which did not exist before. Several students want to borrow the book. ~ Bonnie C. Trujillo

“A great read”
This review is actually by my 9 year-old daughter...
I loved "Zet and the Egyptian Amulet Mystery." It was an enjoyable and fast paced book. In "Zet and the Egyptian Amulet Mystery", a boy (Zet)'s friend goes to work making jewelry; meanwhile Zet and his sister Kat are missing a shipment of pottery for their stand. There are rumors going around that a demon army will invading during the upcoming Opet Festival.Will the demons really come? And will Zet and Kat get their order before their stand is shut down? Find out by reading "Zet and the Egyptian Amulet Mystery!" ~ David Vega

“I enjoyed it as an adult and I am sure youth ..."
I wish this book had been around when I was a youth reader. I enjoyed it as an adult and I am sure youth will too. Plenty of adventure and working out the clues to come to a conclusion. Order one for a young person in your life and one for yourself too! ~ Trish Edwards Konic

Had a great story line / plot. ~ owen warr

“Great new mystery in ancient Egypt”
Ancient Egypt, secrets, mysteries, demon ghosts, golden scarabs and Secret Agent Zet -- a great combination. This new book by Scott Peters is a fun read. Scott really knows his subject and its great to follow Zet and Kat through the dark temples, narrow alleys, and bustling marketplaces of ancient Egypt as they try to solve a mystery before danger strikes again. ~ Rabid Reader

“An amazing page turnner!!!”
I choose this rating because it was definitely one of my better reads. I just loved how this story kept my guessing just about the entire time!! I would have to recommend this book, as well as the entire Secret Agent Zet series, to anyone who is interested in mystery stories. ~ Alyssa

“Fast-paced, enjoyable, historical mystery MG and up”
A very enjoyable historical mystery, with a target audience of middle graders, "Zet and the Egyptian Amulet Mystery," and its predecessor, "Mystery of the Egyptian Scroll," are delightful for YA and adult readers too. Filled with good characterization and characters who readily elicit empathy, great historical detail, and the conviction that humanity in historical eras was no different in personality or character than those in contemporary society, this is an easy read and a pleasurable read.
Author Scott Peters deftly weaves mystery, history, and likable characters (and their opposition, those nasty villainous guys, plus in this case, rumours of a demon army) into a story that will have readers turning pages to see how Zet, his sister, and their best friend, jewelry apprentice Hui, can solve the multiple mysteries, and stay alive and in good condition while doing just that. ~Mallory Anne-Marie Forbes Haws

"Great Book"
Loved the format. Quick and easy read with many interesting facts. I learned many things about mummies from this book. ~ Stephanie Neus

"This Book should be for Sale at the Metropolitan Museum"
What a great idea! I've always been fascinated by Ancient Egypt and seeing the Egyptian and mummy exhibit in New York at the Met is always a favorite thing to do. This book should be for sale there! How on earth did Scott Peters find so many interesting and often weird facts about mummies. If you're writing an assignment on ancient Egypt - this is a good read for facts to spark up your research. Love the cover too. ~ Rabid Reader

"A must have for mummy lovers"
My 9-year-old loved this! Scott Peters has managed to dig up 101 amazing facts about mummies, which will surprise kids and adults alike.
This is a collection of 101 interesting sections, each only a paragraph or two. Although I feared it might be a bit dry for the age group, my son proved me wrong. He bounced up every few minutes to point out something new. Now, he's more than happy to share his gained knowledge with anyone willing to listen (sometimes this isn't always a plus point). I don't think one could expect a book of facts to do more than that.
Not only is this great for knowledge-thirsty kids, but would be a terrific source of information for anyone working on a report over mummies. Yep, this is definitely one for all the mummy lovers out there. ~ Dr. S. Drecker

"Filled with a lot of information!"
I have to say I enjoyed the Truth or False section along with learning how they took out the organs. The curses is what really draws me in. Because we never know for sure if the curses are real? Or just something that happens.
I am a mummy freak so learning more about mummies is just awesome to me. Reading this book brought back memories of when I was in school learning about Egypt and I just fell in love.
Now there is just a few pictures not a lot, so this may be a better book for the kids that are okay without pictures.
There is so many fun filled facts written in this book, I highly recommend it to those that want to learn a bit more about mummies and the past of them. ~ Autumn "Fallen Over Book Reviews" 

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