Mystery of the Egyptian Scroll

by Scott Peters
Kid Detective Zet #1

You, have unearthed an ancient treasure: a mystery from the dusty ages, when a kid could be a hero and fight for the good of all . . .

12-year-old Zet and his sister Kat love running their family pottery stall. But it's a struggle to keep afloat, now that their father is away fighting the Hyksos invaders. When the siblings learn about a valuable scroll that's gone missing, Zet and Kat decide to join forces. If they can find it, they'll win a huge reward for their family. Their problems will be over! Little do they know what troubles lie ahead. The chase leads Zet and Kat into the hotspots of ancient Egypt--from stunning temples to the Nile river, through a mysterious land of hieroglyphics, Egyptian gods, mythology, and majesty that the world has never forgotten.

Praise for Scott Peters:

"My eight year old loved this book! Couldn’t put it down! In fact, he chose to read this instead of his hour of screen time! Wish there was more to the series!" - Andrea, Reviewer

"A big hit in our library, can't keep it on the shelf." - E. Crow, Librarian

"Action packed" - Middle Grade Fiction Finder

6th grade ELA/SS: "My co-teacher and I have used this book for the past 2 years and the students absolutely love it!" Janine Taft.

Teachers, librarians, and parents will appreciate the ancient civilizations facts and geography and appropriate language for middle-grade readers ages 8-14 Grades 3-7 | ACTION. SMART. EXCITING | Packed with Ancient Egypt References

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About Me

Hi, my name is Scott Peters. I've always been fascinated by ancient Egypt. Before retiring to focus on writing, I created around 300 museum and science center installations for such places as the Smithsonian, the Washington Children's Museum, Walt Disney World and Paramount Pictures. My real passion, though, is writing books that take readers back in time to the ancient world.

I hope to see you inside the dusty pages soon!

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